THIS DOCUMENT IS OBSOLETE. Please, see the update of this document, on the new Alexandre Fenyo's web site

Name : XMLLogs
Author : Alexandre Fenyo (
Target OS : Java VM, Unix & Windows 2000
Programming language : Java, Perl & Visual Basic
Download : send me an email to get the full sources and installation instructions

XMLLogs let you automatically build graphs and publish them on the web. It is a framework based on several components :
  • a Java Application Server (AppServer) : a MS Windows Service for file exchange and remote control of Windows applications
  • an XML/XSLT application (logs.xsl) that is able to parse and count web server logs
  • an Excel worksheet containing Visual Basic macros : it downloads the XML description of the graph and computes the picture
  • some additional glue software (XML extensions written in Java, DNS caching system written in Perl, etc.)
Thanks to Agnes Lefranc for her knowledge about Auto_Open macros in Excel.
This picture has been automatically generated by XMLLogs today at midnight :

XMLLogs data flow