THIS DOCUMENT IS OBSOLETE. Please, see the update of this document, on the new Alexandre Fenyo's web site

Name : Eudoplus
Authors : Alexandre Fenyo & Ag.
Target OS : Windows 98/NT/2000
Programming language : C++
Libraries : MFC
Tested on : Windows 98/2000
Should run on : Windows 98/NT/2000
Download : eudoplus.exe

Ag. and I have written this add-on to Eudora, in order to get rid of this so unpleasant advertisement window in the free full-featured version of Eudora 5.0.
To install Eudoplus, you just need to copy it into the Eudora installation directory, and to launch eudoplus.exe instead of eudora.exe : it will launch Eudora for you, but without the ads window.