THIS DOCUMENT IS OBSOLETE. Please, see the update of this document, on the new Alexandre Fenyo's web site

"the most powerful crack to any PocketPC shareware"

Back2Future is a utility adding extra time to the trial period of your WindowsCE/PocketPC sharewares.

Installation :
- Copy back2future.exe to your program directory (for instance `\My Documents\back2future.exe').
- To crack `\Program Files\share.exe', create a text file named for instance `\My Documents\soft.crk', containing the path to `share.exe' on the first line and the date and time of the shareware installation on the second line.
- For instance, `soft.crk' may contain :

\Program Files\share.exe
2002/01/10 11:07:17
- Then launch a command line like this :
\My Documents\back2future.exe \My Documents\soft.crk

Usage : launch your command line, then click on the "Past" button. The day and time is set to the last time the shareware has exited. Click on "Launch", this will start your shareware. When the shareware exits, Back2Future will automatically reset the date of your PDA to its correct value, and the configuration file (soft.crk) will be updated with a date in the past corresponding to the time the shareware exited.
Warning : do not use Back2Future when your device is connected with ActiveSync to your PC, this can result in wrong time set, since ActiveSync regularly reset the time of your PDA.
Restriction : do not use Back2Future without the authorization of the authors of the sharewares you extend trial periods.
Name : back2future
Author : Alexandre Fenyo -
License : Freeware
Target OS : WindowsCE 3.x / Pocket PC
Programming language : C++
Libraries : MFC
Tested on : Cassiopeia EM505F
Download : MIPS/ARM/SH3
Sources :