THIS DOCUMENT IS OBSOLETE. Please, see the update of this document, on the new Alexandre Fenyo's web site

Name : avi2ppm
Author : Alexandre Fenyo (
Target OS : Windows 98/NT/2000
Programming language : C++
Libraries : Win32 API
Tested on : Windows 98/2000
Should run on : Windows 98/NT/2000
Download : avi2ppm.exe
I wrote this utility to help processing video streams under Unix. When invoked with no argument, avi2ppm displays help.
This is an AVI2PPM (avi to ppm) transcoder running under Windows : it decodes the frames in any avi file and stores each of them into a separate ppm file (Portable PixMap : standart Unix format). Of course, you need to get the decoding codec corresponding to your avi file on the PC where you run avi2ppm.exe.

Ex.: exploding an mpeg-4 video stream into separate frames