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Now engineer at ENST :

Born in Rouen (France) on May, 14 1970.
Math Sup and Spéciale M' at Lycée Corneille de Rouen.
Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris.
Third year option was : I.D.L. (Ingénierie du logiciel).
Third year report : study on SNMPv2 and implementation of new objects.

1993 : development of an application in Borland C++ for Windows at Da Vinci Consulting.
1994 : development of an X-Window based application for Aérospatiale.

1994-1995 : Engineer in the technical staff of EUnet France (major Internet Provider in Europe), work on security, administration of network materials (CISCO, ECOM, Portmaster Livingston, PABX, etc.), Internet connectivity (UUCP, modem, RNIS, X.25, leased lines, etc.), network services (email, news, DNS, multicast tunneling, etc.).
1995-1997 : Consultant for Sun Microsystems and other corporations, animation of courses at Sun Microsystems.
2000-2001 : System Engineer at EDITE (Ecole doctorale d'informatique, télécommunications et électronique de Paris)

Ph.D at Université Paris 6, in the ASIM department of LIP6. Development of MPC-OS : new kernel protocols and services in the Unix 4.4BSD operating system for the parallel computer MPC.
Management of students' training courses.
ATER (Attaché temporaire à l'enseignement et à la recherche)

1- «Noyau de communication sécurisé pour la machine parallèle MPC» - Alexandre Fenyö, Pierre David, Alain Greiner - Proceedings of RenPar'10, Strasbourg, France, june 1998.
2- «La machine MPC» - Pierre David, Jean-lou Desbarbieux, Alexandre Fenyö, Alain Greiner, Jean-Jacques Lecler, Frédéric Potter, Vincent Reibaldi, Franck Wajsbürt and Belkacem Zerrouk - Calculateurs Parallèles, Réseaux et Systèmes répartis, réseaux à haut débit de stations pour le support d'applications parallèles et réparties, vol.10/nb.1 - feb 1998.
3- «SmartHSL : An Evaluation Board for the IEEE 1355 Technology» - Jean-Jacques Lecler, Alexandre Fenyö, Alain Greiner, Frédéric Potter - European Multimedia, Microprocessor Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exhibition (EMMSEC'97), Florence, Italy, November 1997.
4- «Raccorder son réseau d'entreprise à l'Internet» - Alexandre Fenyö, Frédéric Le Guern, Samuel Tardieu - Ed. Eyrolles, 520 pages + CD-Rom for Mac/PC/Unix, February 1997.
5- «Conecte su red local a Internet» - Alexandre Fenyö, Frédéric Le Guern, Samuel Tardieu - Ed. Eyrolles/GESTIÓN 2000, 440 pages (Spanish translation of «Raccorder son réseau d'entreprise à l'Internet»), February 1998.
6- «Le fonctionnement de l'Internet, architecture, routage» - Tribunix no 57, sept/oct 1994.
7- «The MPC Parallel Computer : Hardware, Low Level Protocols and Performances» - Amal Zerrouki, Olivier Glück, Jean-lou Desbarbieux, Alain Greiner, Franck Wajsbürt, Alexandre Fenyo, Cyril Spacevski - Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS'2000), Las Vegas, USA, November 2000.
8- «Protocol and performance analysis of the MPC parallel computer» - Gluck, O.; Zerrouki, A.; Desbarbieux, J.L.; Fenyo, A.; Grener, A.; Wajsburt, F.; Spasevski, C.; Silva, F.; Dreyfus, E. - Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Proceedings of the 15th International conference, 2001.

Two friends of mine and I have written a book on how to connect a LAN to the Internet :

Raccorder son réseau d'entreprise à l'Internet
Alexandre FENYÖ, Frédéric Le GUERN, Samuel TARDIEU,
Published on february 1997 by Ed. Eyrolles,
520 pages + CD-Rom for Mac/PC/Unix.

Conecte su red local a Internet
Alexandre FENYÖ, Frédéric Le GUERN, Samuel TARDIEU,
Spanish translation,
published on february 1998 by Ed. Eyrolles/GESTIÓN 2000,
440 pages.

Contents (a full description in french is available here - the full table of content is also available):

Creator and webmaster of the ENST Former Students Web Server and of the MPC parallel computer Web Server.
Regular practice of some of the best PSX products ("A" Licence in Gran Tourismo ! - Tomb Raider II completed, etc ...)
I prefer using In-line Rollers than loosing time inside the subway. Then I often use my E 4.2 RollerBlade (76mm, 78A, ABEC-5) patched with a magnetic sensor linked to an on-board computer to get statistics on my travels !